“I have always been impressed by the quality people at Trimark and by the thoroughly professional manner in which they do their jobs.”


In the Safety and Comfort of Home...

In coping with an illness, accident or other overwhelming situation, nothing is more reassuring and healing than the familiar surroundings of home.  Whether the problem is temporary or chronic, patients feel more positive and respond better to treatment when they can stay in their own personal environment.

Finding the right at-home assistance for health care and daily activities can be a challenge.  Families cannot always manage this alone.  Sometimes home health care providers just can’t do enough because of Medicare’s limitations.  And the fragmented nature of using registries and independent caregivers can leave patients and their families feeling vulnerable.

Founded in 1988, Trimark Health Services, Inc. is an affordable, reliable solution, providing superior home care that can be tailored to your exact needs.  Through effective case management, Trimark has helped hundreds of metro Atlanta residents remain independent despite debilitating chronic illness, stroke, memory loss, incontinence and other physical limitations. 

Whatever solution your situation requires, Trimark Health Services is your best choice for independent living at home.