“Trimark did a good job of getting Mother on her feet again. I know I will be calling on you again.”


Complex health problems can be difficult to manage.  A Trimark case manager- an RN experienced in geriatric care – is in the best position to see the total picture as she coordinates with physicians and other home health care providers, manages medications and structures a “get well” program aimed at maximizing medical care effectiveness.

When accompanied by a program of personal care assistance, most Trimark case management services are provided at no additional cost.  Your case manager can supply as much assistance as you desire, including full decision-making responsibility as a surrogate family member.

Trimark case management services include:

  • Monitoring and evaluating the patient’s health status during regular visits and whenever problems arise

  • Teaming with physicians, social workers, Medicare home health care providers, hospitals and others to coordinate and carry out a total care plan

  • Consulting with family members on care needs

  • Performing nursing procedures

  • Supervising the activities of Trimark nursing assistants

  • Making emergency visits at any hour of the day or night

  • Making referrals to community and governmental agencies when appropriate

  • Supplementing home hospice programs

An extension of the family, the case manager is the patient’s advocate.  Her professional status gives her timely access to medical, community and institutional resources not as readily accessible to family members. As a knowledgeable facilitator, she communicates and interprets vital information between the medical world and the patient, easing fears and assuring the best possible treatment program.