At the beginning of service, Trimark’s case manager works with the patient and family to determine the services that will best fulfill the patient’s needs. Adjustments are made in services according to the needs of the patient over time. Reduction in care and cost are made when the patient’s condition improves. Charges accumulate based on the total time spent with the patient. There are no extra charges for nights or weekends. Specified holidays are billed at time and a half.

RN Case Management No Charge

Private Duty $ 24.00 / Hour
This service is available to home, hospital and retirement residents and charged per hour with a 4-hours minimum.

Shared Services (Community Residents Only)
Shared Services allows patients living in selected retirement communities to have assistance several times a day or as little as once a week without incurring large costs. Based on an hourly charge of $24.00, Trimark’s Shared Services are broken down according to the service provided at a minimum charge of 1/2 hour.

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