During an initial interview, a Trimark care manager will help you determine what assistance is needed, how often, at what cost and whether any insurance or Medicare reimbursement is available.

In many cases, patients need only an hour or two of daily assistance to remain safely at home instead of entering a nursing facility. Typically, this involves help with getting out of bed, dressing, taking medications, getting to meals and preparing for bed at night, with periodic monitoring several times throughout the day.  In a retirement community with onsite Trimark staff, this level of assistance can be accomplished in less than two hours a day.  This is about the same amount of staff contact time a patient receives in a nursing home but at far less cost. 

As a patient’s needs change, Trimark caregivers adapt the program to provide the most appropriate type and level of support.  Throughout the process, we help families make realistic decisions about illness, finances, the final stage of life and other matters of concern.