“You were such a help, both physically and mentally and just what I so badly needed.  Can’t say I’m up to climbing Stone Mountain today, but I’m up, bathed, walked around a bit and am thankful to get this far.”


 In retirement communities served by Trimark, residents share the services of on-site nursing assistants.  This enables them to receive low-cost assistance for short intervals several times a day, if necessary.

As many as a quarter of a community’s residents use Trimark Shared Services for one-half hour or more per day to improve their health status and remain independent.  Flexible arrangements allow any combination of shared and private duty service as patient needs change.

Supervised by an RN case manager, on-site Trimark nursing assistants provide whatever daily or weekly personal assistance is needed to help residents live safely and comfortably in their own homes.  Many of our retirement community caregivers are permanently based, allowing them to develop personal, on-going relationships with their patients.